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The Last Wilderness
Images of the Canadian Wild
The Last Wilderness
Preface by David Suzuki
Foreward by The Canadian Nature Federation
Text by Freeman Patterson

The main text, including the introduction and three chapters, were written by Freeman: A Sense of Earth Creation can only function if it remains whole. A Sense of Place We are Earth in the process of understanding itself. A Sense of Hope We must shift our focus from human survival to the survival of earth.

Three hundred years ago, virtually all of Canada was wilderness. Today less than three percent of our country is set aside as parks and protected areas. Canadians now face the challenge of preserving and maintaining a wilderness that is the envy of the world and a unique part of our heritage.

The Last Wilderness is a remarkable portrait of our wild places. Renowned photographer Freeman Patterson has selected 140 stunning and original images from over 9,000 photographs taken by nearly 50 of our most creative nature photographers. The collection represents not only the artistry of Patterson himself and other established photographers such as J.A. Kraulis and Fred Bruemmer, but also the work of our best new nature photographers, many of whom have never before been published. Together, they present a vision of wilderness, and extraordinary visual record of the wild places that remind us of the Earth's fragility and strength.
The Preface by David Suzuki places Canadian environmental concerns in a global context, and an informed text by Freeman Patterson considers the role of the nature photographer in capturing and respecting wilderness. A Foreword and a thoughtful commentary on wilderness strategies by the Canadian Nature Federation show what can be done to preserve and maintain our wilderness for future generations. A full-color map identifies parks and wilderness areas across the country.

The most important photographic collection on Canada since Canada: A Year of the Land, The Last Wilderness is a classic book that marks a turning point in our awareness of and commitment to the environment.


"The Last Wilderness, a remarkable tome of photographs and text, published by Key Porter Books, opens our eyes to the splendor of our country and pleads that we respect the gifts of nature."
Winnipeg Free Press
"The Last Wilderness contains an inspiring selection of nature photographs, a glorious tribute to the Canadian landscape and its floral and faunal inhabitants."
The Toronto Star

The Last Wilderness
Images of the Canadian Wild
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