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Photography for the Joy of It
Photography for the Joy of It

The first book in the instructional series by Freeman Patterson has just been revised. André Gallant joins Freeman and together they provide clear instructions for beginning photographers on shooting film and digital, choosing equipment, selecting correct exposure, using histograms, understanding depth of field and much more.

Photographers learn how to make pictures with selective focus, showing motion, using flash, double or long exposures, and at night.

The revised edition is accompanied by mostly all new images with informative captions.

Photography for the joy of it
Choosing your tools
Cameras, lenses, and other equipment
Digital Capture
Film and film cameras
Learning to See
Properties of Light
Directions of light
Symbols and design
Point of focus and depth of field

Making Pictures
The importance of using your camera
Experimenting with selective focus
Showing motion in still pictures
Using flash
Creating double and multiple exposures
Making pictures at night
Photographing children and other people
Forty tips and suggestions


"This is one of the finest books we have been privileged to review in the field of photography."
Toronto Star
"A marvelously informative book by one of Canada's master photographers. Freeman Patterson breathes life, love and happiness into the art of making pictures."
Lorraine Monk, Executive
Producer, Still Photography Division, National Film Board of Canada

Photography for the Joy of It
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