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Specifications for Freeman Patterson Giclée Prints

The Iris Giclée (pronounced "zhee-clay") process produces prints which are renowned for their super-fine resolution, brilliant colour, and attention to detail.
Medium: Photographic Image produced on Somerset Velvet 120lb Radiant White Watercolor Paper Process: Iris 3047 Continuous Tone Ink-Jet Printing Inks: Iris "Industrial Design" Writing Fluids
Finish: Optima Millennium XE UV Inhibitor

Limited Edition Sizes:
Edition sizes of 10, 20, 50 and 100 prints - (+ 10 Artist's Proofs)
Edition sizes are indicated on each print page.

Image Dimensions:
13¾" x 20½"  -  20" x 30"  -  28" x 42"
Specific print dimensions are indicated on each print page.

Suggested Retail Prices:
Print prices are based on edition size and individual print sizes, as indicated on each print page.

You can click any "Ordering Info" link on each print page or giclée gallery for ordering details. Prints may be ordered by e-mail or through our phone number: 416-894-2312.


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