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In a Canadian Garden
Nicole Eaton & Hilary Weston
Photography by Freeman Patterson
In a Canadian Garden
In a Canadian Garden is a celebration of the extraordinary richness and variety of gardens in Canada. The editors crossed the country several times and looked at hundreds of gardens before selecting the dozens that grace these pages: lush Japanese and English gardens on the west coast; magnificent oceanside gardens in the Maritimes; established herbaceous gardens in Ontario and Quebec. And there are dazzling surprises too - a romantic, painterly garden in northern Alberta, a jewel-like formal French garden in Hamilton, Ontario. Large landscape gardens alternate with small city gardens that anyone can cultivate, terrace gardens, rock gardens, arboretums and much more. Thirty-five gardens are featured in all, each accompanied with a text by the gardeners themselves.

Photographer Freeman Patterson, best known for his studies of natural landscapes, has brought his own vision to the gardens. His astonishing full-colour photographs add a dynamic dimension of their own to the beauty of these man-made landscapes.

All these gardens have been created by amateurs and will be an inspiration to other gardeners. But one needn't be devoted to gardening to appreciate the glorious splendour revealed in this tribute.


"Freeman Patterson's photographs offer a magnificent visual bouquet that delights the eye and lifts the spirits."
Telegraph Journal, Saint John
"Read Freeman Patterson's new book, Photographing the World Around You and not only will you become a better photographer, you'll become a better human being. Patterson [is] an inspirational writer who can stir the creative juices of even the most jaded photographer. His latest instructional book is based on week-long photographic workshops he gives in New Brunswick and ...South Africa."
Montreal Gazette

In a Canadian Garden
Photography by Freeman Patterson
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