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Photographing the World Around You
A Visual Design Workshop
Photographing the World Around You
For many years Freeman Patterson has conducted several annual week-long workshops on photography and visual design. Participants at these popular workshops have ranged from beginning amateurs to advanced professionals.
In Photographing the World Around You, his fourth instructional book, Patterson conveys the flavour and intensity of the workshop experience.
Learning to explore
The building blocks of visual design
Light: The raw material
Putting the building blocks together
Dominance Balance
Rhythm Evaluating your photographs
Natural things
Human constructions and manufactured things
Making an album

From the Preface...
"This book is a workshop between covers. It's about learning to see and about using your camera to record and interpret what you see wherever you are. It's about exploring what's around you every day of your life."


"Freeman Patterson doesn't disappoint his legion of fans worldwide with his new book, Photographing the World Around You. The key is the word workshop. Patterson's creative skills are especially evident in the series of photographs he made of an abandoned town in South Africa. His skill with words gives both the amateur and professional photographer many building blocks with which to make better photographs, "learning to arrange shapes, lines, textures, and perspectives in ways that produce clear visual documents, arouse emotions or convey ideas."
Bill Keay, Vancouver Weekend Sun
"Read Freeman Patterson's new book, Photographing the World Around You and not only will you become a better photographer, you'll become a better human being. Patterson [is] an inspirational writer who can stir the creative juices of even the most jaded photographer. His latest instructional book is based on week-long photographic workshops he gives in New Brunswick and ...South Africa."
Montreal Gazette

Photographing the World Around You
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