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"Autumn Glimpsed"

Autumn Glimpsed - By Freeman Patterson
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Medium: Photography Produced on Watercolour Paper in the Giclée Process.
Edition Size: 100 S/N with 10 Artist's Proofs
13¾" x 20½": $300.00
© 2019 Freeman Patterson

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When I was a small child I was forever running through tall grasses and low shrubs, so I became very familiar with glimpses of things. I've found that, as an adult, I appreciate not being told the whole story or shown the entire scene, but being allowed room for my imagination to wander. It's nice to have that part of being a child stay with me.
There are many days now when I use my camera to go poking through underbrush or plants in my garden, letting the leaves and flowers and spiders' webs and dewdrops appear and disappear almost by magic. In fact, the most exotic places in the entire world seem to be right around my house.

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