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"Lupin Tears"

Lupin Tears - By Freeman Patterson
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Medium: Photography Produced on Watercolour Paper in the Giclée Process.
Edition Size: 100 S/N with 10 Artist's Proofs
20" x 30": $600.00
© 2019 Freeman Patterson

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The importance of beauty to our lives requires no explanation, and we never need to explain our reasons or apologize for actively seeking it out. My mother taught me that without ever putting it into words, and in the process, she gave me life a second time.
Visual beauty, heart-stopping beauty, gently soothing beauty surrounds us every day of our lives, everywhere; a dandelion blossom emerging from a crack in the pavement; a cloud forming or dissipating in a deep blue sky; the grain structure of a piece of lumber...
However, when we become aware of the beauty of water streaming down our windowpanes, chances are that even without trying we will sensitize others to the beauty around them and help to enrich their daily lives immeasurably.

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